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The Newly Developed Spool for 3D Printer Filament 2015-07-13
new SD-300K 2014-03-14
The video introduction of Going Well is now on. 2014-03-07
NEW SPEC. DIN200 WITH 100MM & DIN160 WITH 16MM 2014-01-14
NEW SPOOLS DIN350 & DIN350L COMING 2013-12-13
We also supply Wardwell spools 2013-12-04
Another new product, SD-300K,is coming out. 2013-11-22
New developed spool, PV-400 2013-11-20
Central Tubes for DIN-160 & DIN-200 are now available. 2013-10-17
US patented End Stand for reels 2012-04-11
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